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As the great Will Evans sings, "Let down your guard, take a chance on a friend...when you lean on one another, there ain't nowhere to fall." This is why we are here.

In 2020, the world learned just how hard it is to be a SAHM. Never mind a SAHM who is also trying to build a business. Mamapreneurs were sending my messages at the beginning of lockdown saying, "This temporary pause in life is EXACTLY what my family needed to recharge and reconnect". After a couple of months past, I was getting messages more like, "I am not sure if I will make it through this in one piece".

Out of the overwhelm, anxiety and uncertainty of 2020 was born The Happy Mama Wellness Community. This is the place where we - Mamas, Entrepreneurs, Women - can come together to support each other, lean on each other and help start a ripple effect of kindness, patience, compassion, love and quiet strength that could change the world.

This is a place for us to join together in a common effort to raise strong, kind & compassionate future leaders, build businesses that make a REAL difference in peoples' lives and learn to make OURSELVES a priority so we can bring our best to the table.

Mama - there's no risk in joining our community, but I guarantee there will be a big reward. Join us as we change the world...one ripple at a time.

TCKS, Lynn - Founder and Member of The Happy Mama Wellness Community

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